Diabetic Randomness

If you’re anything like most people who check their blood sugar (glucose) you are a big fan of your non-dominant hand’s middle and ring fingers. Why? Because it is easiest to use your dominant hand to hold the pokey and your middle and ring fingers are the least painful to receive the pokey; it is not a surprise this is the choice of the many. So after badgering y’all to poke yourself more often – now I’m going to be all judgy mcjudgerson on the where?!? Nope. But I will give you some tricks I have heard/read/learned over the years. One way to make sure you move lancet sites is to choose your Finger of the Day. This is not my system, but I am going to give it a whirl.

  • Odd days – Left Hand
  • Even days – Right Hand
  • Start on the lower side of the finger pad and continue in an arc pattern
    • don’t do more than 6 pokes on one finger pad per day (move to next finger if needed)
    • this allows each finger pad a week to heal between poke days.

Hope this helps!