Ziesa the Disturbing…

​Dear Ziesa, we already have a dog dedicated to making things weird (Piper), please stop your attempts to make things weirder.



So, the other morning I wake up like most days with approximately 300lbs of Ziesa-head resting on my leg. This pretty little princess has little to no work ethic, has embraced the persona and demeanor of an 85 year old grumpy woman, and currently rules this house with an iron paw; but she is an AMAZING snuggler. Her super power is snuggling up tight against you and deep breathing until everyone is just as sleepy as her, it’s her gift. Anywhoodle, I wake up, stretch, and notice she had eaten a large section of the left leg of my shorts. The shorts I. was. wearing. 

While I slept, Ziesa put her head on my leg and I can only assume she became a bit bored (peckish?) and looked around thinking, “toy?” nah, too far away; “sheet?” nah; “pillow?” boring; “hey, I wonder if I can eat the clothes off FoodLady without waking her up!?” Now there’s a challenge!! This is what we’ve been training for; let the nibbling begin!!!

Thankfully, her natural exhaustion kicked in before she stripped me completely shorts-less; but I slept through it completely. Fingers crossed I don’t start waking up in a shredded pile of former pajamas on a regular basis. It’s weird enough around here without her help. 

Love to y’all,