​FoodLady Chronicles – Dobby Day 3: 

It was a SUPER big day for the Rock Dobster, but we will start with what y’all missed on Day 2. As of yesterday the Dobinator had successfully met SamSam and Ziesa with no issues, so later in the evening I introduced him to Ms. Piper one on one. He was his normal wiggly waggly stinky nekkid mole rat self, however I think Ms. Piper *may* be more of a sight-hound than I thought because unlike the other dogs who were all, “‘sup? shall we butt sniff fellow canid?” she had a very clear, “Holy Crap what IS it? Aaaaaaaahhhh! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! Stop Laughing Lady! RUN!” response to the poor wee Dobby. Don’t worry, he was still a happy little soul and went to his clean bed joyfully wagging.

So this morning (Day 3) he got his 2nd warm bath and he was a fan. Got him all cleaned up, medicated and fed and then I was off to work. 

Then tonight, oooh! it was the best night of his life! (although the bar has, thus far, been pretty low)

Guess who got to meet the whole pack? The Dobster, that’s who! His level of wiggle and tail waggle cannot be overstated! Humphrey (the largest and least well-behaved of our idiots) was very very very good. Everyone (even Piper, although she waited til the others did it first) sniffed and play-bowed and was everything that a well-adjusted group of dogs SHOULD be when meeting a newcomer. It. Was. Wonderful.  

I let everyone sniff, bow, pee and dance for about 10 minutes and then it was time to let the Dobby rest and eat more dinner. I have never in my life seen a dog as truly joyful as Dobby was being accepted by the pack, it was as if everything was right and good. 

We left our dogs out to finish the evening’s tussle and play and brought Dobby in. He is starting to explore and I am encouraging that, but when it was time to bring the dogs in it was time for Dobby to be secured in the office.  I looked in the office and Darrin went into the small enclosed yard, no Dobby? Then, I saw him and where he was hurt me right in my feels. He was all curled up in our bedroom in one of the dog beds on the floor, you know, where the pack sleeps. 

Dobby had a good day. ❤