​FoodLady Chronicles – The Dobinator, Day 5:

 This dog is killing me with all the hopeful happiness and the cute. His joy in the world around him is downright infectious. Chicken?! YAY! Kibble?! YAY! Tennis ball?! YAY! 

Yes, the Dobby-dob-dob has officially been introduced to toys and although it has only happened one time so far, he picked up one ripped up tennis ball and shook the life out of it before bounding away looking *very* proud of himself. 

He is about 99% scab free and his skin is looking wonderful. He has already started to grow in some fuzz. No lie, he still looks like an elderly scrotum; but by golly, at least he now looks like a HEALTHY elderly scrotum. 

Okay, so here’s a little extra knowledge I just learned and am passing on for you other dog rescue folks out there because for me, this was some life-altering information: Bravecto works for demodectic mange. 

I know! This is a BIG deal. 

Okay, for non-doggie people who have read this far, dog mange comes in two forms: Sarcopic & Demodectic. Sarcopic is nasty and infectious, yet is fairly easily destroyed. Demodectic is usually considered not contagious but is often considered an autoimmune reaction and when puppies under a year have a small amount of hair loss it is usually best to leave it alone and it will go away. Unfortunately some dogs get it and just can’t stop reacting to the mites that are naturally present on most dogs and they end up looking like Dobby and up until now there has been no easy way to treat it. The shelter recommended Dobby get a Bravecto to see if it worked before going for the old standard of care which is ivermectin daily because they tried it on another dog with mange and it worked. Being a skeptical (correlation ≠ causation) person I agreed to give it a whirl and then immediately went looking for the research, and holy crap! Extremely positive results somewhere around 94% hair regrowth within the 90 day treatment coverage (1 bravecto covers 90 days of flea & tick prevention). 

And Dobby, who appears to have white and gray hairs sprouting all over, agrees that it seems to be working.