​FoodLady Chronicles – Dobby Update (day 36) 

Little bastard made me have emotions last night.
So, in an attempt to make Dobby the best and most well-rounded dog he can be, I’ve been dragging him places; this helps to increase his confidence (the more he is exposed to, the better). Last night he got to meet two new friendly dogs and sniff a whole new yard – much fun was had by all. He has now been tested near cats in 3 separate environments and I believe he can safely be called cat-friendly. He is very well behaved in the car and has no trouble exiting the car on command, but getting into the car is still super scary; it’s a work in progress. 

Last night on the way home I was thinking about Herbert and how much fun he would have been to have in the wedding and how much he would have loved the new (to me) Jeep. As I was thinking these things my hand was on the edge of the passenger seat and that’s when Dobby lay his head on top of my hand, exactly the way Herbert used to.

Yeah, I know, it punched me right in my feels too. *sniffle*

This doesn’t mean anything, I’m pretty sure I just have a comfy hand. It just felt meaningful at the time and made me get all teary-eyed. 

As per normal, the one-dog-only-on-the-bed rule has been exceeded and Ziesa is snoring prettily next to me while Piper has wound herself around my legs like a cat at the top of a staircase. Humphrey is asleep in the dog bed in my closet, SamSam is asleep in the dog bed in Darrin’s closet, the Dobinator is currently sleeping peacefully (upside-down) in the other dog bed and looking as dorkily Dobby as it is possible to look and I’m going to get a couple more hours of sleep before getting up (again). 

Night all,