​FoodLady Chronicles – Home Alone Edition:

Dear dogs, I know. I know we’ve been in and out of the house too many times and out for far too long the past few days and I’m really sorry. Still, I’m a little concerned/confused at your new latched door-opening skillset and am mildly concerned you may have found and eaten a person with questionable taste in footwear.

Allow me to explain. 

We arrived home from today’s family/friends shenaniganry to find all the dogs joyfully romping in the yard. Uh….okay? When we left them they were all safely locked in the house. The main gate was (thankfully) still latched and everyone was safe and present. It appears that they used Humphrey to open the screen door (he stands up on his hind legs and opens the screen door by walking awkwardly backwards (it’s freakin’ hilarious to watch)) and then maybe they worked in tandem to throw Dobby at the closed door secured from the outside with a hook & eye latch until it opened? Not really sure, just know they were pleased in a “look what we can do!” way.  

All of that was at least explainable…where it got a bit weirder was the discovery of a chewed up and destroyed sequined high-heeled flip flop in the living room (wtf?!). Some of y’all may not know me very well but rest assured knowing I do not own anything sequined nor would I ever survive walking in a high-heeled flip flop. 

That’s all that was found. It just makes me wish I had them on a surveillance camera(s) to see what the hell they were up to while we were out because it seems like they were really busy.