Random Dog Training Class

​So last night my friend enrolled in a dog training class told me I should bring the Dobster to training class so we could see each other (being an adult and trying to have friends is hard). So I did. Other than randomly “woo-wooing!” inappropriately when other dogs were taking their turn he did really well. I could wax poetic about the Rock Dobster and how much I love the little dork, but there was another dog in class that was so cute she physically hurt me. Her name is Gerta (squeee!) and we should all give thanks that I am not her person because y’all, I would ruin that dog. Whatever she would want would be hers for as long as she wanted it. She snortles. She is happiness incarnate. She is Gerta and she is loved by many!

Not a great picture…but gives you a good idea of her size.
Again, not a great photo but Dobby loves her too!
But lookit! Lookit da snortly Gerta! Love her!