Spidey Sense

FoodLady Chronicles – “spidey sense” edition:

I’m not perfect at it, but every once in a while my brain tingles and I know it is time to examine whatever the frak the assholes (aka dogs) are currently up to. I peek and see Ziesa up at the far front fence…..hmmm, is this the new demolition site? Has she only done the pre-bid walk around, or has she started prepping the site for the letting loose the hounds of war? 

Hmmm, the other dogs appear a wee bit over amped…..this can only end well. 


I stomp out there in my ever-so-sexy-and-often-chewed-on orange crocs and see the what Ziesa considered to be her prize. 

Juvenile iguana was stuck in the fence. 


The iguana had underestimated the size of its back-legs and booty (I feel ya lizard; it happens.) and ended up stuck. To add apparent insult to injury it also ended up rather…..uh…..moist. Ziesa appeared to have guarded it effectively from the other dogs (she generally takes what she wants from them) and since it was doing the “play dead” defense she had not yet been stimulated enough to chew/kill (I hold no illusions about dog natures; very few canines see wild iguanas as friends) but apparently was interested enough to lick it a lot. I readjusted the less than thrilled iguana as it continued to play dead while giving me an impressive death-glare. I managed to free and release it on the “non-death” side of the fence. The iguana impressively maintained its death-glare as it stomped away. Ms. Ziesa watched her prize stomp away and gave me an almost matching glare before stomping the other way. 

Well, as long as no-one is happy, I did some good work there.