Tips & Tricks

Tip: Randomly feed wet food to your dog from a wooden spoon. Then, when they have to receive medicine you can hide it in the wet food on a spoon and you will not be regarded with suspicion (my dogs are generally suspicious jerks).

Also, spooning the food saves on dishes.

I prefer to teach with small wooden spoons so no teeth clack onto metal, but once they learn to slurp from a spoon you can change up spoon type if needed.

Also, can teach them using this to “everyone sits, or nobody gets” and then to only take their spoonful when their name is called. Helpful for teaching dogs to deal with frustration with patience.

So, welcome to my new “category”. Because I am shocked and appalled on a daily basis at how very little I know, I try to learn more. However, it seems like the more stuff I learn, the more other stuff falls right out of my head – important stuff, like looking where the heck I am WALKING. In related news, I fell down and fractured a wee little piece off of my ankle. *sigh*

Anywhoodle, I realized today that I’m never going to have time to write down all the random things I do to make my life easier with dogs unless I actually start writing them down. Most of these posts will be super short and to the point and all will be categorized under Tips & Tricks.

Use them if they help you, ignore them if they don’t. If you have any suggestions I would LOVE to try them.

Smooches, FoodLady.