Scooting & Smurfs

Nothing quite like a 90lb Humphrey-dog running inside after completing his morning constitutional and dropping his booty on the ground and scooting. Ah, the booty scoot. Is it a recalcitrant turd? parasites? a piece of grass or string? The canid can be a stunningly strong and regal creature, however ain’t none of that happening during a scoot. It just looks embarrassing and awkward to do, hell it feels embarrassing and awkward just to see it.

Poor Humphalumph, he has an irritated booty-hole. So, I spent my morning cleaning his asshole affected area with baby wipes and then treated it with a 2% chlorhexidine ointment…..which is bright blue.

So now poor Humphrey looks like he ate too many Smurfs and is having issues digesting them.