Honey Dog Update

Good morning! The poor emaciated little dog found on Friday, February 23, 2018 (currently named Honey) wagged her tail for the first time on Monday morning when her savior (Eby) came in. In all honesty, none of us were sure she would make it through the night on Saturday – once an animal becomes that emaciated it is not so easy to bring them back. After Honey’s body began settling down (classy way of saying after she stopped exploding from both ends due to stress, food, medications, etc.) she began healing and was finally able to have a bath Monday afternoon. During my visit on Monday I took her outside where she used the facilities (like a LADY!) and boy howdy did she use her sniffer. These are great signs of recovery. In fact, she followed her sniffer right on into the kitty room and stomped right past all the kitties to find the closest bowl of kitty food (she was sad she couldn’t get to it). While it’s too soon to say she will be “cat-friendly,” it is not too soon to say any prey-drive she may have does not appear to include cats. However, she does appear to be excellent at hunting any open cat food.

I’ve been visiting her daily and she is slowly improving. Here are photos from Monday, February 26, 2018.