Sam vs. Electric Fence

Y’all, this is SamSam; he is an asshole.

Don’t get me wrong, he loves people, loves children and cats/kittens, he loves puppies and small dogs and will tolerate new and strange adult dogs very well, he will fetch tennis balls until the end of time and he has been through multiple obedience classes, and he is generally a loveable clown – so much so he even sleeps funny.

But he is an ASSHOLE.

There is a saying that is *very* true living on a tropical island: “If you have one, you have none. If you have two, you have one.”

In other words, if you don’t have a backup, ya got nothing. We did not (we do now!) have a backup electric fence energizer and while it was down Mr. SamSam the acrobatic asshole figured out he could jump onto a tree stump, leap up and over the electric fence coil onto a concrete pillar, and then jump down to enjoy freedom to pee on other trees and look for some pretty ladies at the clerb. (Yes, he’s neutered; no, it hasn’t stopped him from “getting stuck”. He’s all, “hey ladies, all the fun and no puppies!!” *face-palm*)

We reenergized last night (wooo!) and husband and I were high-fiving and fist-bumping in celebration on the porch and here comes SamSam just trotting over to see why we were so happy. He came by way of the stump, pillar, road.

Dude. Some days are just hilariously challenging.

Update: The acrobatic asshole has left the yard seven times today……oh! wait, that’s eight. How do I know? Because the other dogs go batcrap crazy and bark at him every time he does his triple back flip barrel roll handstand maneuver.