Not My Dog(s) Update

**so many inappropriate words**
I’m feeling a little raw today, not because my life is bad because holy crap – *my* world is pretty great.
But please (PLEASE!?) spay and neuter your pets.

We’ll start with the deeply depressing, then do the stressful and enraging, and then end on a bit of happy, ‘kay?

Airport Road Dog/designated Snoopy at shelter: he is heartworm negative (wooo!), full of fleas (all dying right now!), and a handsome and happy boy who would make a wonderful pet. Fingers crossed someone will fall in love with him and take him home. He was not chipped and will be on a stray hold for the next few days. And given the full state of the shelter, if no-one claims him or falls in love with him soon, he will end up euthanized. But for now, he is no longer itchy, fed, and comfy. And that’s better then his world was two days ago.

Honey-Dog, still at the vet clinic with her as I type this. She is not healthy. Possibly cancer, possibly liver disease – pretty much every horrifying possibility still TBD. Oh, and that someone shot her with an airgun pellet?! Yeah….’cause that happened too. So, she is not a great surgical candidate; we are waiting on a few more tests and I will make the best decision I can.

And Mariposa, she is still hanging out with the babysitter and hopefully meeting people who will fall in love with her and adopt her. But she’s having fun! ❤❤❤


Random Update

Good morning,
A quick update on the current FoodLady’s list of abandoned/lost/neglected/foster misfits:

Honey – didn’t get to see her yesterday, haven’t heard anything yet but I know she is in great and loving hands with Eby and we will head off to the animal shelter to get additional testing done on Friday (took day off work).

Miraposa – little monster is currently being babysat by her very own Prince, and as you can all see in the photo, her difficult life continues.

Un-named airport dog – greatly enjoying kibble and water although his joy at being segregated from gen pop is waning. In the realm of TMI (but a great, if not definitive indicator of good health), his poops are seriously healthy which gives me hope he has a home and just got lost (please please please please please please!). He’ll get scanned tomorrow when I can get him to animal shelter.

Another pickup….dammit.

So, here’s a little pickle of a problem I could use some help with, how to get this lost/abandoned/stray dog to the animal shelter tomorrow morning when I have to fly to STT in the morning? Help?
So, today I spent the day in STT (for work) and have to spend the entire day there again tomorrow. To make my life extra convenient, I’ve been flying out from the airport and returning on the seaplane. 😒
So, while husband was driving me to pick up the jeep from the airport there was a loose white dog on airport road. We stopped, but he ran from us. So, after I got the jeep and was headed west I saw him again so I pulled over. Did he run to me? Uh, no. This is not a Disney movie. I sat on the ground and told him in my happy voice all about how handsome he was and shook my fancy kibble container (aka empty sorbet container). Then we moved a little closer and eventually I had him (literally) eating out of my hand and then sneakily leashed his scrawny, filthy, and underfed butt. When we walked on leash towards the jeep he kind of trotted and waved his tail which is a great sign.
He is currently locked in my laundry room with squishy blankets, kibble, and water. He went for the kibble first.
Intact male, young, weighs about 25-30lbs (should weigh 50), and very handsome.
I’m tired.

Honey/Mariposa update

Honey/Mariposa update:

Honey: Something with Honey is still not quite right health-wise…so further testing is needed. I’m making an appointment to take her to the east end (hopefully Friday because I have to fly to STT tomorrow & Thursday). She is gaining weight (slowly), and has (re)learned to bark and, to an adorable extent, howl at passing ambulances. I’m worried.

Mariposa: I am not worried about this little monster at all; holy crap is she a bundle of happy energy. I mean, she’s *really* not pretty, but dang if she ain’t cute.

Adorably, she has figured out Dobby is a lot of fun to play with and they are joyfully tussling like crazy dogs. All the while Humphrey groans and grumbles in the way of a concerned nanny-dog.

Here she is playing with a dog bed about 8 times her size:

Next couple days are long days ofz q work and travel, I believe I have found a puppy-sitter for Mariposa and Honey will remain safe at the vets.

Love y’all,


So tired. So many dogs.

Today rather kicked my butt, but please enjoy a tired Heather random dog(s) update:
Honey – putting on weight, remains one of the most relaxed and contented dogs I’ve ever met. Still looking for the perfect forever home.
Mariposa – happy little ugly cute puppy who was SUPPOSED to fly out to meet up with her adopter on March 27th. Sadly, that adopter has backed out due to her sister’s concerns about the “dangers of pitbulls or pitbull mixes”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I am disappointed because she is a smart little nekkid mole rat and is already a very good girl.
Random – by complete happenstance I met the newspaper pick up guy today (the guy who goes and picks up all unsold newspapers) and TOTALLY hit him up for all of the “trash” and filled the jeep and delivered them to the vets office for cage liners when I visited Honey. Best part, got his phone number! So I will do my best to get the “trashed” papers as often as possible.
Love and hugs and stuff!

Dogs are greedy jerks

FoodLady Chronicles – greedy a$$holes edition: they look innocent in the photo below, don’t they?

They. Are. Not.

Ziesa is a champ at snuggles! ❤❤❤

I, in an attempt to take an hour to write while enjoying some Ziesa and SamSam snuggles, had temporary foster puppy (Mariposa – flies stateside 03/27/18) settled in her crate with a lovely beef trachea to gnaw on while Humphrey and Dobby chilled in the living room.

Little miss stinky wrinkle face, aka Mariposa!

So, color me both impressed and seriously annoyed that somehow Humphrey & Dobby managed to quietly OPEN Mariposa’s crate, releasing the wee monster into the living room. Did they do it because of some deeply held belief that she needed FREEDOM! No. They treated it as the ultimate treat puzzle.

Note: in my brain, Dobby and Humphrey are the ultimate “Dude! Bro!” characters.

“bro!! There’s a trachea in there!”

“Dude, yeah…but we don’t eat puppies man!”

“Naw! Bro, like a BEEF trachea!”

“What?! No way! We gotta get that dude.”

So, while little miss stinky wrinkle face was embracing her unprecented freedom she left me a few little puddle surprises and apparently managed to pull the new package of toilet paper onto the floor and nibble a small corner [YAY! I can handle that level of damage!].

However, either Humphrey or Dobby, perhaps disapproving of the toilet paper nibbling or perhaps just in protest that there is a wee little stinky wrinkle face puppy here at all, decided pee on the (damn!) toilet paper package.

[It couldn’t of been the puppy because she is shorter than the toilet paper package.]

“Dude!? Do we have an indoor toilet now?”

“Bro, I guess man….I mean, the little nugget must know somethin’ we don’t bro. Should we mark somethin’?”

“Dude….. I don’t know man….”

“……oh! Uh, sorry! too late bro!”

“Dude, put a tennis ball by it, that’ll fix anything man!”

Not funny; but funny!

So, that’s the start of my morning; hope everything goes better for everyone for the rest of the day (including me!)!

Honey Dog Update

Holy. Crap. Busy.
While one part of me misses time for deep contemplation (naps), reading, tv, and writing, the more I do – the more I can get done; I have always been, and will always be, inertia’s bitch.
Honey Update – still gaining weight and getting better! So, I know every dog and every human out there is a unique little snowflake, blah blah blah – but let me tell you why this little lady is so freaking amazing: she is self-assured. She probably had quite a few f*cks to give at the beginning of her life, but she gave most of them away and is saving her last ones for truly important stuff like snacks and enjoying some sunbeams. She takes contented and chill to a whole new level. Well, that is until she has to face her true nemesis – the evil blow dryer.
Here she is during yesterday’s visit – gettin’ purty, huh?

Honey Dog Update 2

I visited with pretty little Honey yesterday and it is becoming more and more clear that she was someone’s dog who lived indoors and just really came into some hard times. Despite ongoing diarrhea (dog rescue = true glamour) the poor little peanut really tries to hold it to go outside. I gently cleaned her ears with q-tips and combed out all her floofy parts while she sat contentedly in my lap.

Honey Dog Update

Good morning! The poor emaciated little dog found on Friday, February 23, 2018 (currently named Honey) wagged her tail for the first time on Monday morning when her savior (Eby) came in. In all honesty, none of us were sure she would make it through the night on Saturday – once an animal becomes that emaciated it is not so easy to bring them back. After Honey’s body began settling down (classy way of saying after she stopped exploding from both ends due to stress, food, medications, etc.) she began healing and was finally able to have a bath Monday afternoon. During my visit on Monday I took her outside where she used the facilities (like a LADY!) and boy howdy did she use her sniffer. These are great signs of recovery. In fact, she followed her sniffer right on into the kitty room and stomped right past all the kitties to find the closest bowl of kitty food (she was sad she couldn’t get to it). While it’s too soon to say she will be “cat-friendly,” it is not too soon to say any prey-drive she may have does not appear to include cats. However, she does appear to be excellent at hunting any open cat food.

I’ve been visiting her daily and she is slowly improving. Here are photos from Monday, February 26, 2018.

My skill. (Honey Dog)

So, other people find adorable puppies and kittens.
That is not my skill. My skill is that I find the broken, the starved, the diseased, and the stinky.
I found this starving little lady on my way home today. People often make fun of me for always having rope and dog treats with me, but this is why.
She is an intact female about 3 years old I found foraging for food in trash. Starved and wary, but sweet. Ticks and fleas and worms and all sorts of other (blegh) joy – which is why she is at the vets for a couple days while I try to find her a home.