Puppy Crack Recipe

So, the original recipe for puppy crack called for liver, unfortunately the smell of boiling liver makes me vomit in the sink. So, if you want to use liver, by all means go right ahead, but I am sticking to hearts.
1. Go to store, buy beef hearts (or livers)
2. throw into large pot of boiling water.
3. boil for an hour or so, don’t let them boil over cause you will have a nasty scummy mess to clean up.
4. After they’ve boiled take them out of water and let them cool. Cut or chop them into teeny tiny training pieces.
5. Place them on parchment paper or aluminium foil on top of a baking pan (no mess) and place them into a 125 degree F oven for 2 hours or until they are crunchy knobby little things.
6. Begin singing puppy crack song which is basically the smelly cat song from Friends except instead of smelly cat you sing puppy crack.
7. Watch dogs follow your every move…