FoodLady Chronicles – Teak, you are a pain in my ass

FoodLady Chronicles – Teak, you are a pain in my ass edition:
Dear Teak (aka Doodle), when I am in the bathroom there. is. no. toast. In fact, there has never been any food of any kind in the bathroom. Having you begin the dreaded cacophony by whining and work up to frantically barking because you don’t want to walk past Life (dog, not concept) IS NOT RELAXING. So, next time you go outside to go to the bathroom I am going to follow you and say, “BARK BARK BARK BARK!” and see if you find it disturbing in any way.
Love, FoodLady
Dear Neighbors, if you see me outside barking at an elderly black dog please note it is not yet a psychotic break. Please don’t be concerned.
Love, FoodLady