FoodLady Card

I gave you a personal card because, well, we had a connection. No, probably not a ‘hey baby, how you doin’?’ connection; but more of a ‘you loFL CARD_Redactedve dogs? I love dogs too!!! let’s be best dog friends’ or a ‘you’re a diabetic!? I’m a diabetic too! Let’s be diabetic friends!!’ kind of connection. I tend to use this card instead of my go to, ‘for the love of all that is holy I am just trying to buy some paint at home depot and get out of here to go home and maybe actually *do* the painting and while I am legitimately pleased that you have a dog at home that you love and that you want them to be as well behaved as Herbert is being while I do the self-checkout there is really no way I can help you right now – please have this card‘ card because you were apparently being rather awesome when we met. So, thanks for that! ~smiles~