FoodLady Chronicles – It’s not just me….

FoodLady Chronicles – it’s not just me edition: After living alone for a couple years I began to think that perhaps I was just bat-crap-crazy and things like this only ever happened to me. Now that I no longer live alone I have determined that either I’m not bat-crap-crazy OR, the more likely scenario, I found the perfect bat-crap-crazy person with whom to live. Lately, the household of the FoodLady has been having issues with ticks. Ticks are my second least favorite blood-sucking vector of disease (first least favorite: mosquito) here in the tropics and if you have never dealt with them please consider yourself very lucky and do. not. move!
The other night I saw the beloved boyfriend grab something off the bed and fling its corpse into the trash. Somewhat distractedly I asked, “tick?” He turned to me and with wide eyes while while slowly shaking his head, whispered, “………bigger…..” I kid you not, he sounded like the Sixth Sense kid saying “I see dead people.” My immediate loving and supportive response was to crack the hell up because I have been there. Tropical insects….not for the faint of heart.