FoodLady Chronicles – well, that just happened edition:

FoodLady Chronicles – well, that just happened edition: *sigh* I was kind of excited because the next FoodLady Chronicles was going to be an adorable soliloquy about the kitten being back in the drawer and how dang cute (and mildly creepy) it was…and there were going to be pictures! But this morning wasn’t cute….it was gross (so no pictures–you’re welcome). I was reading my camera’s manual because….well, I’m a nerd, shut up. So Sam-puppy crawls in front of my book and tries to take my glasses (no Sam, not for you), then he attempts to yoink the antihistamine bottle (no Sam, not for you). He looks around and I giggle saying, “sorry buddy….nothing here is for you.” His response? Projectile vomit onto my camera manual, my arm, and the bed. There was no warning, there was none of the heaving… was just open mouth and spray. It was mostly water with one lone piece of green grass floating in it but ugh! yuck. Good morning to you too, ya ass! Your disagreement has been noted. Have a non-vomit day y’all, love FoodLady.