FoodLady Chronicles – Service Dog Drama, it doesn’t end.

Okay, I’ll admit it, sometimes I have what can only be considered a slightly ‘off’ sense of humor so I can’t swear that y’all will find this as funny as I did. I don’t even know if the guy I sent it to will have found it amusing, but by golly–I’m still laughing.

Backstory: I have to go to training to renew some of my ‘accreditation’; unfortunately it is being held in a place that I used to know *very* well. That place has no experience or understanding or flexibility in regards to the concept of a service dog.  The guy with whom I’m chatting about silly things like payment, schedules, service dogs, etc. told me the following:

“Do you mind if I ask what kind of dog it is? Maybe if it’s a small dog that will ease their concerns, if any.” 

I couldn’t help myself – I replied:

“He is a diabetic alert dog and is cross-training in stability support. All stability support beasties have to weigh in over 45lbs and he is healthy at 70lbs. :-)”

“Let’s see if I can dig up a picture….”


*laughingSorry, couldn’t resist.  Here he is attached to me. He is not too big and he compresses well between me and an airline seat in front of me.  :-)” 


So, I have no idea if this guy found me funny, but heck – at least I had a decent laugh today. Also, how often do you get to email someone a photo of cujo?

Have a laugh today my lovely’s,

Love, FoodLady.