Diabetic Stuffs – An Odd Herbert Alert

Just had an odd Herbert alert while sitting at my desk reading a draft review of our program and getting *super* annoyed. It is a 21 page report.  After reading 9 pages and putting in 16 comments while loudly chewing gum and grumbling many “ughs!”, “hell no’s”, and a variety of other profanities, I look over at a Herbert giving me the death-stare from a perfect sit (a/k/a an alert) and I said, “Oh! okay…?” and checked my blood sugar (92mg/dL). As soon as I pulled out my kit he went back to floppy sleepy Herbert – so, was he alerting me to an upcoming low (possible – haven’t eaten lunch) or has he just decided once I start radiating irritated rage he should probably pop up to remind me that it’s just a stupid report and to calm the hell down? Don’t know, don’t care. Either way – Good Herbie – here’s a biscuit.  As you can see, his under-desk snooze has returned to his non-alert status. *grin*

Herbert Under Desk