Dear Zisa, et al.,
Ouchie, that hurt. I’m sorry if it was scary when Zisa, “eeeped!” because I accidentally stepped on her paw. I am also sorry that then I made it really scary when I sort of trip-hop-fall-rolled through all the dogs onto the concrete floor. I did really appreciate the, “hey ‘Lady, ya dead?!” sniffs y’all gave me as I lie there a bit stunned. Zisa, it bodes well for your future employment that you stomped (with your wee little stompy legs) right up and sniffle-snorted my face as I said, “owwww-cheeeeee”. You’re all (occasionally) good dogs. Meanwhile, why does it seem that as age increases the perceived distance to the floor increases as well. I must have fallen like 30 feet. *wink*.