Diabetes and a Mildly Crappy Day

Today was a mildly rough day; my body had way too much,

“f*ck you! Remember when you fell on concrete two days ago? Yeah, time to pay!”

And I am paying with swelling and pain. It’s now about a quarter to 1AM and as I lie here flirting with sleep and counting random ouchies I realized that I read a hell of a lot of diabetic inspirational stuff online as well as a lot of truly-horrible-day-almost-died stories; but rarely have I read things about mildly rough days. A mildly rough day for a diabetic is that day where you’re high for no good reason; or you went low, fixed it, and feel rebound-crappy; or even just ongoing inflammation and you just don’t feel well. These mildly crappy days happen to us all; or hell, maybe it’s just me? Regardless, I’m going to assume we all have them. So, here I am – sharing my not-too-horrible levels of suck: I woke up this morning and I couldn’t close my hands into fists–they didn’t look swollen, but my whole body felt overly heavy and my muscles were screeching. I knew the only thing that would help would be to get moving, but moving hurt like a bastard. So I took two aleve and when they kicked in I began puttering around the house. I was intermittently ouchie throughout the day, but when I stopped moving and attempted sleep – the inflammation and pain came back. Sadly, my left hand is now completely numb due to typing this. Don’t worry, I know this might sound scary but the most important thing to remember is that this too shall pass. All of it. Yes, right now I’m uncomfortable and tomorrow morning it is going to be craptastic to try to wake up on time and get to the office. But I’m going to wake up, inject myself with a couple different meds, swallow a couple of other ones, and get moving. Because moving is the best way to keep that diabetes monster  in check.
So, there ya have it – a mildly sucky day for me as a diabetic. It wasn’t pain-free and wonderful and it wasn’t anywhere near death. I sincerely hope everyone else had a wonderful and pain-free Sunday!
…..but so help me, the next (usually drunk) “health” nut to tell me that all I need to do cure my diabetes is drink apple cider vinegar while snorting gluten (or whatever fool-ass thing fools have heard “they” say) I will force my hands to make a fist whether they want to or not and well, then I will provide them with futher information on diabetes.
Ugh. Adulting is HARD.