Diabetes Randomness

Happy Monday, check your feet & legs people. No, I’m not kidding; at some point today I want all of you to get your legs and toes nekkid and treat yourself to a little foot massage, everything feel okay? Then, take a look at your feet and legs; everything colored the same? Any odd patches of color could indicate poor blood circulation. Now, wiggle them piggies! πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ– The more you move them, the better the circulation. If you found anything off–call your doctor! If you found a small boo-boo (small scratch, ingrown hair, etc.) wash it, treat it, and put a bandage on. Keep treating it daily until it gets better; if it shows no signs of getting better after a few days with treatment — call your doctor! Small boo-boos can turn into lost limbs with diabetics. It’s one of the many reasons diabetes (pre-, type 1, type 2, etc) sucks ass. Stupid crap like checking blood sugars and checking our feet is our duty, not just to ourselves, but to those who love us and want us (and our feet) to hang around a while longer.
This message brought to you by me, a dumbass who just realized I’ve had an infected….something (bug bite? pixie stab wound? evil escaping?) on my right calf for over two weeks. It is now clean and bandaged.
Again, if I can’t be your good example, use me as your horrible warning. 😊