FoodLady’s Home for Wayward Canines

Medical insurance companies can be a challenge to navigate at the best of times, however yesterday the insurance pharmacy made me grin and laugh out loud. If you recall from my last post, the dogs destroyed my (new) 90 day supply of two maintenance medications (yes, dogs are just fine; they wanted the chewy chewy plastic, not the ucky meds): the tablets were mostly okay, but the gelcaps were drool-melted into “an gelcap”. Blegch.
So, called the insurance pharmacy and after awkwardly trying to explain the situation the nice lady asked, “can I get your policy or social security number?” Uh, whoops!? First things first I guess (so. awkward.). Got logged into the system and then explained the story a little more slowly. The nice lady expressed concern over the dogs’ health (which I hopefully alleviated), and then said she had to call the benefits office and see if they covered a “situation like this.” I rocked out to some impressively bad elevator music for about 30 minutes and when the nice lady came back on the line her voice sounded happily smug. She explained that my policy covers “theft” and that she got them to agree that the dogs had, in fact, stolen the medications.
*slow, impressed clapping*
Well played, nice insurance pharmacy lady, well played.
Meanwhile, life at FoodLady’s Home for Wayward Canines continues on as normal. ❤