Adoptable Puppy – STX AWC

This is Wilbur.


Wilbur is up for adoption at the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center.
I have no room for adopting a Wilbur.
That said, I owe Wibur a great deal because holy crap, his picture makes me laugh.
I can just picture walking him next to Ziesa and how incredibly tall she would look. I have developed an intricate backstory involving me declaring him a rottweiler and getting rull fiesty when people disagree. “What? You saying the breeder ripped me off?!!”
Or, “he is a rare breed of Keebler Rottweiler.”
So, somebody go adopt Wilbur and his teeny tiny legs please and send me pictures daily.

Seriously, just look at the wee legs.
Look at em!
I loves him.