FoodLady Chronicles – Snagged Me A Kitten Mule Edition:

So there I was in my asbestos refresher training over the past two days and I couldn’t help but notice my instructor was from Illinois. “Hmmmmmm” I said to myself, “I wonder if she could be suckered into…..uh, I mean, would be willing to help a young mother cat & one of her kittens get to their forever home?” I spoke with her about it and bless her kind heart, she said yes!
So, Lucille & Shaggy are flying from STX through MIA and then onto ORD where they will get to meet their forever humans. The mad rush of “crap to do” has begun, in addition to my regularly scheduled work and home ‘sponsibilities I need to do (or have done) the following: Made kitty reservation with airline yesterday, got carrier and kitty-harness for Lucille today (have to take cats out of carrier when going through TSA; kitten can be scruffed but mama cat needs to be secured); gathering records and getting health certificates and rabies vaccine tomorrow at 4pm; flight leaves at 4pm Friday, meeting nice lady at airport at 2pm to pay animal check in fee and at some point on Friday I am teaching a big group of children (small humans are super scary in herds) about dog bite prevention and I need to meet up with kitten-Fred’s new human so he can go to his new home. But then, then all of the kitties will be safe, happy, loved, and in wonderful homes which, for me, is as close to pure joy as I can get. Then, Saturday, I’m doing a little puppy wrangling and helping out at the Blue Mutt.
Right now though, right now I am just really tired. Also, I really miss Herbert – quite a few people asked about him so far this week, and that sucked; but I survived it.
Love, FL