FoodLady Chronicles – The Grunt-Off edition:

So, because the kitties are winging  their way to their new home I am awake to make sure the handoff goes smoothly (not that I can actually do anything from afar but it’s just who I am; I’m a natural-born worrier.) 
Random aside: there is absolutely nothing better in this world than an intelligent competent person; and tonight I have the absolute honor to be assisting five intelligent competent women (3 kitty flyers; 2 kitty receivers) who helped change the world for the better ❤ Thank you all so much!

So, here I am awake and I just heard Darrin & Ziesa have an entire conversation in asleep grunt-ese.
Original conversation verbatim:
Z: “grunt. Grunt gruntle GRUNT grunt grunt.”
D: “grunt. grunt. grunt. GRUNTGRUNT. grunt. *Sigh*!”
Z: “GRUNT! gruntie gruntie gruntie grunt!”
D: “grunt!”
Z: “gruuuuunt!” *snoring*

Allow me to translate:
Z: “Ugh, that lady’s up, I should get closer to her head and see what she’s doing. I’m tired but there could be a snack or something…..”
D: “um….dearest Ziesa, please stop poking me with your feets and moving around afore I eat you.”
Z: “damn, crawled all the way up here and no snacks. Huh, that guy’s gonna eat me. I’mma flip over, here are my feets for you lady!”
D: “so much better, Thanks!”
Z: “no problem human! So tired…….*snore*”

The kitties have arrived safely. ❤☺❤
My eternal gratitude to all involved! ❤❤❤