New Horsie Friends

​Dear new horsie-friends, 

I don’t know what you readbon the horsie friends facebook, but FoodLady’s house is more of a canid-centric rather than equine-centric locale. Sure, sure….exceptions happen, but I can say with absolute certainty there is not enough room for you on the bed. Anyhoodle, I admire the new approach (through the back neighbor’s yard) and your stalwart stance of “don’t give a f*ck” regarding a Humphrey fully losing his shit through the fence with full volume never-ending BaWooo!s supported by his backup singers in a band tentatively titled, “The Assholes.” 

As per my ongoing FoodLady horsie-friend duties, I have provided you with the requisite bucket of clean water to enjoy and removed the loud dogs from your location. Do not forget to uphold your end of the contract by NOT providing said loud dogs (aka “The Assholes”) with their favorite snack/eau de toilette.