Animals…too many animals. 

​This weekend…has gone to the (asshole) animals. No, seriously – not kidding. 

Went to breakfast yesterday with the dogs safely locked away in the house with access to what we lovingly refer to as “the poopin’ yard” or “shitville” depending on our mood. When we returned from breakfast there were two horses in our yard – because why wouldn’t there be two horses in our yard?!? *sigh* So, with the two horses happily munching on grass and all of the dogs maniacly performing acrobatics in shitville because OMG THERE ARE TWO HORSES IN THE YARD AND OMG CAN WE EAT THEM CHASE THEM WEAR THEIR POOP THERE ARE HORSIE FRIENDS RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Gave horsie friends some water and moved them along and closed the gate. When the dogs were released from their tortuous separation from the yard that used to have horses in it, the blessed jerks exhaustively examined every. individual. blade. of. grass. that the horses came into contact with and discussed amongst themselves about how they would get to chase them next time! *sigh* at least the horses didn’t leave the dogs any snack/cologne suprises. 

Fast forward to this afternoon: I was outside with the dogs playing fetch and I see out of the corner of my eye movement I know all too well – lost/lone/stray dog. well….shit. At least I saw it before the braying pack of idiot horse hunters did. I finished playing with my pack of misfit dogs and lured them inside before grabbing a half-can of kitty food and a wooden spoon all the while selfishly saying, “please be gone please be gone please be gone.” I know it doesn’t make me a good person, but I am spread too thin as it is right now and it would just be so damn nice if it didn’t have to be me dealing with it. Alas, he wasn’t gone. There, hidden in the tall grass next to the fence belonging to the neighbors who hate me, was the stray. I walk out through the gate thinking, sure….I’ll get close and he will run away. Nope. I got close, he flipped over and wiggled joyously. Shit. I sat down about 5 feet away from him and he ran over – thrilled to meet a human. Damn. He had fleas and ticks (pre-bath) and one ouchie foot, but generally appears in decent health. He is probably about 6 months old, intact (aka not neutered), loves other dogs, loves people, loves food, thinks mirrors are keen, does not think baths are that keen but definitely enjoyed running around like an idiot after said bath. Of course, as I’m attempting to wrangle dogs into various contained areas guess who shows up at the gate? Yep. The horses. “Hay! Lady! (sorry, I had to pun there) Got any more of that good water stuff?!” The only dog outside at the time was Ziesa and bless her heart, she put on quite the show of home defense! She ran as fast as her wee little legs could take her to the gate and by golly, she got there in just under 2 minutes squeaky snorting and grunting the whole way! I cleaned and filled the horse water bucket (yeah, this would be the previous pig water bucket for those of you keeping score on random animals that visit FoodLady’s fence) and put it outside the fence where they could access it safely. Ziesa and I returned the the house; her in triumph of home defense and me shaking my head and wondering at what point I ended up with a visiting farm animal water bucket. 

Stray Dog, temporarily referred to as Boo-Boo, is now passed out in the office and separate from the other dogs keeping Darrin company while he (Darrin, not Boo-Boo) finishes up some paperwork. 

Boo-Boo weighs about 20lbs and looks like a perfect miniaturized version of belgian malinois and although you can’t see it in these photos/video, has wonderfully mobile and expressive ears! The video and photos were taken during our first meeting. If ya know him or where he belongs, please message me. I will be taking him to Animal Welfare as soon as I can to scan for a chip, etc. His info and photos were also posted on various local groups, etc.