SamSam the Model

FoodLady Chronicles – SamSam the Model
So, something happened yesterday that was so incredibly funny to the humans in FoodLady’s house that I can only hope to portray it effectively in words.
My favorite store in the world (The Blue Mutt) is producing a calendar of conventionally hot guys and dogs to benefit an animal charity. Hot guys and dogs on beaches? This entire project is my wheelhouse.
A few days ago I was asked if Piper would be available for model work and when I asked Piper she told me to check with her agency and book her through them. Luckily the pretty little diva is available.
Yesterday, I was asked if I also had a brindle-colored doggie and would be be able to model too? Of course I do and his name is SamSam!!!
So last night just after the humans got home, we were all playing fetches and I was happy-puppy-speaking to SamSam something along the lines of, “Mr. SamSam, are you a model? Yes, you are! You’re a super handsome model!!!”
……and he looked me dead in the eye and threw up.
That over-excited-just-drank-a-bunch-of-water mini-urp induced so much laughter and commentary that it is the joke du jour around here.

Per SamSam:
“I’m a model; gotta stay CUT!”
“I’m a model; cue bulimia!”
“I’m a model; what’s a model?”

Meanwhile, Piper continues practicing finding her angles, working her light, having the wind blow through her hair and “smizing” all the while trying to get SamSam to watch at least one season of America’s Next Top Model.

Have a great day!