SamSam & Piper’s Big Day Out

​FoodLady Chronicles – SamSam & Piper’s Big Day Out or How to Make FoodLady’s Hair Fall the Frak Out!

So, I took this week off of work to give my brain a break and it has been awesome. I started the week just relaxing but made sure to try to schedule some “not me” stuff to do towards the end of it to force me to interact with other humans so that next week I don’t feel super awkward when trying to speak to coworkers. I offered my favorite local store some volunteer time if I could go hang out there for most of the day with a couple dogs (they accepted). Because Ziesa was not feeling well (ate too much rawhide at a friend’s house), I decided to leave her home and take Mr. SamSam & Ms. Piper. Mr. SamSam far exceeded my expectations of good behavior; Ms. Piper did not. Bless her heart, no one explained to her that strange men in hats were not alien invaders coming to kill us all. Poor supportive loving SamSam attempted to “help” by jumping between Piper and DevilHatMan to defend his packmate by barking along, “barkDon’t barkKnow barkWhy barkBut barkWe barkHate barkYou!” 


But their crowning (embarassing) achievement of the day was when DevilHatMan’s friend was carrying a large box and having a minor short-tempered discussion with Ms. Piper’s and Mr. SamSam’s newest bestest friend which (of course) led to a cacophonous canine rebuttal of, “barkDon’t barkYou barkTake barkThat barkTone barkMr. DevilHatMan’s Friend, barkWe’ll barkEat barkYou barkAnd barkYour barkBox barkToo!”

Other than that incident and them performing random and amazing feats of “in-the-way,” it was a great day! SamSam managed to encourage me to purchase every toy from the clearance toy basket (so thankful he went for the clearance basket!) by playing with each and every toy exhaustively (and adorably). When we got home the poor little man fell into a deep sleep (coma) with all four feets in the air. 

Today, Piper vigilantly monitors the area for potential DevilHatMan incursions and SamSam continues his snoring.