Centipedes & other villains 

​So today my left foot got nailed by a centipede. I didn’t see it, but based on the pain it caused I’m assuming it was about 10 feet long and infected with some form of zombie or vampire virus because holyowowfuckityow. 

Or perhaps I’m just a wuss…..all things are possible. All I know is ice = good and heat = bad. 

While my left foot is working towards frostbite (kidding, I know to remove the ice once the skin turns blackish purple! I’ve watched ice road truckers! 🙂 ), I am being entertained by a pretty little clown named Piper (aka “weird stinky” (don’t ask, we also have “biggest stinky”, “brindle stinky”, and “littlest stinky” who is no longer the littlest. smh)) as she fights with one of the recurring villains at FoodLady’s house known as Evil Knotted Rag!