Working From Home

Today was different.

My office has no a/c so I am working from home for a couple of weeks. Not that my house has a/c either, but at least there is a breeze, fans, and windows.

Anyhoodle, my day:

08:00 – la la la, working with no pants. RAMPANT PANTLESSNESS!

08:05 – Nope. sticking to chair. rancid pantlessness! find leggings, put on leggings. back to emailing.

08:43 – need a bra, felt weird to email clients sans bra.

09:03 – Piper comes barreling into the house like her ass was on fire, immediately drops and scoots her butt on the tile floor before running and scooting again. I get to pull a blade of grass out of her butt before sterilizing the aforementioned scooted-upon areas. My life, all glamour.

10:00 – begin viewing a pre-recorded webinar. Holy sweet mother of fall-protection hell, this is not good. It is presented in literal monotone. the horror!

10:19 – dryer buzzes, I pause horrible webinar with tears of gratitude and for the first time in my life, I am excited to fold laundry.

10:30 – back to webinar….ooh, but this is distracting, it turns out that all five (fucking) dogs can attempt to fit under my home office desk. I say attempt, it didn’t go well. *sigh*

emails, reports, letters, laundry moving, phone calls, blah blah blah……

15:00 – huh, just saw Ziesa running past the window at full speed (for her, she is not so speedy)… odd? wait! there she goes again! aww, she’s hunting lizards. I mean, not well, but good for her for trying!

16:30 – day is done. woohoo! the commute isn’t too bad, but the damn dryer doesn’t seem to respect being “off the clock”.