FoodLady Chronicles – Day is Done!

This day can suck a….err, this day needs to be over now.

To be fair, this wasn’t a *bad* day, just a LONG day with *way* too much human interaction and adulting in it followed by some awkward wild animal interactions.

Here are some highlights:

  • Went to get fasting bloodwork done. They informed me that my total was going to be $597.51. I articulately asked, “huh?” They informed me that my insurance needed a code written on the form. I took the form to ask doctor about it later.
  • Breakfast was tasty.
  • Pimped out the program I work for on a Spanish radio station. I *really* need to learn Spanish.
  • Doctors appointment.
  • Went to bookstore and bought myself “The Doggist.” excellent photo book.
  • Ordered lunch, after receiving lunch neighboring table had questions about the program I work for, so instead of eating said lunch, pimped out program I work for while lunch looked at me deliciously.
  • Nutritionist Appointment – yep, I know what I’m supposed to do, it’s the doing it part that sucks. Bright side, bloodwork form fixed.
  • Long drive home, listened to music, glad the day is over and going home to play fetches with fuzzies. (spoiler: day wasn’t over)
  • Home, released hounds, begin exciting tennis ball flinging with the “thing-longer” (aka chuck-it). Notice two dogs standing next to chair (this was odd) so I walk to chair and see a cattle egret sitting on the chair (this was odder). Ziesa and Humphrey wanted to play with it, Sam & Dobby were too into tennis balls to notice, and Piper was just standing back and waiting to see what was going to happen. I just stood there for a solid 60 seconds not quite sure what to do. After about 45 seconds Sam and Dobby realized, “holy shit! there’s a bird on the chair!” Shockingly, they all listened to my “leave it!” command (I know! I was equal parts impressed and surprised) and then when I put it close, the bird hopped onto the thing longer (aka chuck-it). So, now I’m wandering around the yard with a bird on a freaking ball-throwing stick with five freaking dogs following me around sure that at any second that I will fling the bird. I check his wing, his left wing is fine but his right has a wound at where the wing meets body. Well, hell. So I walk in the house with the damn bird on the damn thing longer and luer my idiots behind me like a freaking pied piper, grab a towel before securing the dogs, then cover the bird and get in the car. Off I zoom to the I-know-it’s-closed-but-please-be-there-YAY-they’re-there vet clinic. YAY! they agreed to treat/take the egret (bless them!) but asked for my help putting him in a cage. Cockily I assume the wounded and incredibly freaked out wild animal and I have come to a “thing-longer” arrangement and imagine my surprise when he decides to hop off my magical bird stick/tennis ball launcher and awkwardly waddle through the entire clinic while I ineffectually attempt to capture him using a towel. I eventually caught him and we got him into a cage; he will get checked by the vet in the morning.
  • Returned home and finished playing fetches with fuzzies and am now seriously considering just going to bed.