Honey Dog Update

Holy. Crap. Busy.
While one part of me misses time for deep contemplation (naps), reading, tv, and writing, the more I do – the more I can get done; I have always been, and will always be, inertia’s bitch.
Honey Update – still gaining weight and getting better! So, I know every dog and every human out there is a unique little snowflake, blah blah blah – but let me tell you why this little lady is so freaking amazing: she is self-assured. She probably had quite a few f*cks to give at the beginning of her life, but she gave most of them away and is saving her last ones for truly important stuff like snacks and enjoying some sunbeams. She takes contented and chill to a whole new level. Well, that is until she has to face her true nemesis – the evil blow dryer.
Here she is during yesterday’s visit – gettin’ purty, huh?