Dogs are greedy jerks

FoodLady Chronicles – greedy a$$holes edition: they look innocent in the photo below, don’t they?

They. Are. Not.

Ziesa is a champ at snuggles! ❤❤❤

I, in an attempt to take an hour to write while enjoying some Ziesa and SamSam snuggles, had temporary foster puppy (Mariposa – flies stateside 03/27/18) settled in her crate with a lovely beef trachea to gnaw on while Humphrey and Dobby chilled in the living room.

Little miss stinky wrinkle face, aka Mariposa!

So, color me both impressed and seriously annoyed that somehow Humphrey & Dobby managed to quietly OPEN Mariposa’s crate, releasing the wee monster into the living room. Did they do it because of some deeply held belief that she needed FREEDOM! No. They treated it as the ultimate treat puzzle.

Note: in my brain, Dobby and Humphrey are the ultimate “Dude! Bro!” characters.

“bro!! There’s a trachea in there!”

“Dude, yeah…but we don’t eat puppies man!”

“Naw! Bro, like a BEEF trachea!”

“What?! No way! We gotta get that dude.”

So, while little miss stinky wrinkle face was embracing her unprecented freedom she left me a few little puddle surprises and apparently managed to pull the new package of toilet paper onto the floor and nibble a small corner [YAY! I can handle that level of damage!].

However, either Humphrey or Dobby, perhaps disapproving of the toilet paper nibbling or perhaps just in protest that there is a wee little stinky wrinkle face puppy here at all, decided pee on the (damn!) toilet paper package.

[It couldn’t of been the puppy because she is shorter than the toilet paper package.]

“Dude!? Do we have an indoor toilet now?”

“Bro, I guess man….I mean, the little nugget must know somethin’ we don’t bro. Should we mark somethin’?”

“Dude….. I don’t know man….”

“……oh! Uh, sorry! too late bro!”

“Dude, put a tennis ball by it, that’ll fix anything man!”

Not funny; but funny!

So, that’s the start of my morning; hope everything goes better for everyone for the rest of the day (including me!)!