So tired. So many dogs.

Today rather kicked my butt, but please enjoy a tired Heather random dog(s) update:
Honey – putting on weight, remains one of the most relaxed and contented dogs I’ve ever met. Still looking for the perfect forever home.
Mariposa – happy little ugly cute puppy who was SUPPOSED to fly out to meet up with her adopter on March 27th. Sadly, that adopter has backed out due to her sister’s concerns about the “dangers of pitbulls or pitbull mixes”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I am disappointed because she is a smart little nekkid mole rat and is already a very good girl.
Random – by complete happenstance I met the newspaper pick up guy today (the guy who goes and picks up all unsold newspapers) and TOTALLY hit him up for all of the “trash” and filled the jeep and delivered them to the vets office for cage liners when I visited Honey. Best part, got his phone number! So I will do my best to get the “trashed” papers as often as possible.
Love and hugs and stuff!