Another pickup….dammit.

So, here’s a little pickle of a problem I could use some help with, how to get this lost/abandoned/stray dog to the animal shelter tomorrow morning when I have to fly to STT in the morning? Help?
So, today I spent the day in STT (for work) and have to spend the entire day there again tomorrow. To make my life extra convenient, I’ve been flying out from the airport and returning on the seaplane. 😒
So, while husband was driving me to pick up the jeep from the airport there was a loose white dog on airport road. We stopped, but he ran from us. So, after I got the jeep and was headed west I saw him again so I pulled over. Did he run to me? Uh, no. This is not a Disney movie. I sat on the ground and told him in my happy voice all about how handsome he was and shook my fancy kibble container (aka empty sorbet container). Then we moved a little closer and eventually I had him (literally) eating out of my hand and then sneakily leashed his scrawny, filthy, and underfed butt. When we walked on leash towards the jeep he kind of trotted and waved his tail which is a great sign.
He is currently locked in my laundry room with squishy blankets, kibble, and water. He went for the kibble first.
Intact male, young, weighs about 25-30lbs (should weigh 50), and very handsome.
I’m tired.