Random Update

Good morning,
A quick update on the current FoodLady’s list of abandoned/lost/neglected/foster misfits:

Honey – didn’t get to see her yesterday, haven’t heard anything yet but I know she is in great and loving hands with Eby and we will head off to the animal shelter to get additional testing done on Friday (took day off work).

Miraposa – little monster is currently being babysat by her very own Prince, and as you can all see in the photo, her difficult life continues.

Un-named airport dog – greatly enjoying kibble and water although his joy at being segregated from gen pop is waning. In the realm of TMI (but a great, if not definitive indicator of good health), his poops are seriously healthy which gives me hope he has a home and just got lost (please please please please please please!). He’ll get scanned tomorrow when I can get him to animal shelter.