About FoodLady

Hello! I’m Heather, for years now I would randomly anthropomorphize my pets on Facebook to amuse myself and occasionally others. These posts were entitled “FoodLady Chronicles” and I have finally thrown all the posts I could find into this blog and I randomly add a new one. I have never really considered myself as a “mother” to my beloved dogs (and random other critters) and considering that most of the reasons dogs (and other critters) love me involve either food products or the usage of my opposable thumbs to open MORE food products, I just sort of adopted “FoodLady” as a moniker.

I know stuff, some may even say that I know quite a bit of stuff. That said, I don’t know everything and every day I learn more about how much I still don’t know. Please do not take anything you read here (or anywhere else for that matter) as the final knowledge in dogs, dog training, health, or any other topic. Learning is an ongoing process for everyone, please use anything explained here at your own risk, etc. etc. etc.

Besides the occasional anthropomorphism, I also intend to use this blog to inform interested parties about the ongoing adventure of my life with my diabetic alert dog – Herbert.

If you have any specific questions – please feel free to contact me at heathea77@gmail.com.

******************************************************************************************A quick note to dog-loving “fee avoiders” or people who just wanna “take their dog with them sometimes”:  please take a moment and imagine you worked your butt off for 2-3 years of your life to learn something, spent thousands of dollars on things needed to do something and you continue to practice that something every. single. day. You have sacrificed a lot of yourself to learn that something and are a little bit proud of how good you are at the something. Now imagine someone comes up to you and says, “I see you are doing something! yeah, I faked being able to do something to save a little money – yeah, it’s SUPER easy!” Or “yeah, where can I buy a uniform like that so I can look like I do something too! It must be super fun!”  Please know that every time someone says that to me I am incredibly offended. I understand what it is like to be a dog-loving human; dogs are freaking awesome! But every time someone ‘fakes’ their pet as a service dog it makes my life just a little bit harder when I need to travel or enter a business. You are also putting a lot of stress on your loved puppy – it takes a lot of training and ongoing experience for a dog to be comfortable in rapidly changing environments. Please remember these things before attempting to ‘fake’ anything – there is usually a better option.                                                                                                                          ******************************************************************************************


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