Wild Animal Wednesday – It’s like a freakin’ disney movie….

Okay, I love this photo. 🙂


Wild Animal Wednesday – it’s a….canid!

At first glance this made our friend TH think this was a coyote, however the physical paw prints left were huge – nearly 4 inches and the ears appear to be rather rounded.  So if you compare her photo to other coastal wolf photos found on the web this pretty girl may be a wolf…..? Anywhichway, I’m pretty sure that this pretty girl canid is going to have pups pretty soon.

Wild Animal Wednesday – Raccoon(s)!

I adore raccoons! Always have; always will. That said, I just had to freakin’ search to learn the plural of raccoon which turns out to be either raccoon or raccoons and once you have typed the word raccoon more than three times it turns into one of those words that ceases to have meaning….or maybe that just happens to me?


Wild Animal Wednesday

Happy Wild Animal Wednesday! This week has been…..(I’m cringing as I make this horrifying pun)…..a bear!

Please meet more wild critters from our friend TH.

“Good Morning! I’m a bear!”
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“that’s right, just a bear passin’ through…”
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“nothin’ to see here, just a bear passing on by….”
According to TH in April, “it’s mating season for the ruffled grouse” All I can think is, “I’m a handsome bird….a bird. bird bird bird…bird is the word….”
“…..I said a bird bird bird….” and yes, I’m very sorry for getting that stuck in your head. If it is any consolation it is stuck in mine too.

Wild Animal Wednesday – trying something random. :)

Good day y’all! I have a friend (yes, a human one!) and although she lives far far away from here I have enjoyed her emailed photos for years. She set up some wildlife cameras and has gotten some pretty amazing photos of wild animals. Because I tend to go in phases of how much time I can devote to writing, if I get into posting someone else’s hard work (with permission) at least there can be something to look at weekly! Any comments made by the photographer will be credited as TH, any random commentary by me will be FL. *smooches*

Panoramic Turkeys by TH

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Raccoon vs. Deer Stare Off by TH

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FL Anthropomorphic Interpretation: Raccoon – “Look, uh…this is awkward. I’m nocturnal….you’re diurnal.  We really shouldn’t be hanging out for people to see.”   Deer – “hi. I’m a deer!”
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FL: Raccoon – “Dude, this is really embarrassing! Deer – “hi, I’m a deer!”
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FL: Deer – “Hi! I’m a Deer!” Raccoon, “…seriously?”
Displaying HUNT0079.jpeg
FL: Deer – “deer deer deer, I’m a deer. hi hi hi I am deer. deer deer deer” Raccoon – “…dude”.
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FL: New Raccoon, “Were you hanging out with a deer?” Original Raccoon – “Yep, we had a really stimulating conversation! Did you know that was a deer?”
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FL: Raccoon – “yeah, yeah, yeah…..you’re a DEER. I GET it. I gotta go. this is freaking me out!” Deer 1 and Deer 2 – “we are deer. we are deer. deer deer deer”