FoodLady Chronicles – Fetching Bread Edition

I was explaining Herbert’s day to a friend and they told me that Facebook must be alerted immediately to the epic excitement of Herbert’s day (it really is not that exciting to me…but the dog thought it was keen). Okay, so normal office day but then after that we went to pick up some food. I stopped to chat with some people and Herbert the wonderdork watched in fascination as leftover bread was thrown into the ocean for the fish. I let him off lead to attempt to fetch the bread (I would like to point out that if it was Teak the bread would never have hit the water–the old bugger would have levitated to snatch it out of thin air). Wonderdork ran towards the ocean to fetch the bread but skidded to a halt when he saw movement on the rocks, “FOOD LADY!!!! wtf wtf wtf is the scary pinchy thing that I want to chase but keeps being pinchy at me and it is scary but I wants it aaaaaaah!!!!!” Herbert can levitate like a champion when a crab comes at him. Then wonderdork saw BIRDS!!!!! and ran at them…they flew away…he sat down looking sad…Then he saw BIRDS!!!! and ran at them…they flew away…he sat down looking sad…Then he saw…you get where this is going; it lasted quite a while. When wonderdork remembered he was fetching bread most of it had been eaten by fish and all of it was quite saturated with ocean. He managed to catch a piece and spit it out while giving me a, “WTF did you want that shit for…tastes horrible!” dirty look and then he saw BIRDS!!!! and ran….ah, to be a puppy. *grin*