FoodLady Chronicles – Thunderstorms:

FoodLady Chronicles – Thunderstorms: Dear Life & Teak, I understand neither of you enjoy thunderstorms, but there is really nothing to be so deathly afraid of, so please stop giving me those panicked looks while trying to climb under the couch because, although funny to watch about 200lbs of dog fit into a 2″ gap–it breaks my heart when you are scared. So chill out; we’re okay.
Now, Mr. Herbert? I understand you think Ms. Life & Mr. Teak are overreacting, and you would be correct. That said, running around the yard like a fool throwing your toys in the air while lightning and thunder crash above your head? You are underreacting. Not respecting the storm’s potential is not wise Mr. Dorkface. Knock it off.
Much love always,