FoodLady Chronicles – OOTO Edition

FoodLady Chronicles – OOTO Edition:

Dear Herbert, from this point forward please submit your leave requests at least 1 week in advance of needed day off. While understandable, ditching FoodLady to spend the day at the beach with NotSpot is not cool.
Yep. The jerk took a mental health day. I know he went to the beach because he is all salty.
He is home safe. (the jerk)

Yep. Teach dogs to open things the little fuckers extrapolate. NotSpot is a shiny new dog to play with and Herbert’s punishment for not being present when it was time to leave was a day not with me. My landlord fixed the gate over the weekend but it still needs some fine tuning. Since NotSpot is currently chillin’ in my yard I’m gonna assume he can still fit under it just fine. As soon as I earn the wee little bugger’s trust I shall scamper with him to the vet to have his balls chopped off. Nothing cements trust more than the removal of testicles……wait….