FoodLady Chronicles – the, did not expect that edition:

FoodLady Chronicles – the, did not expect that edition:
No shit, there I was, looking out at my front yard at the brown lump and the blonde lump laying in the lawn…..damn Herbert-dog is canoodling with NotSpot-dog. I wander out and call in an annoyingly precocious singsong, “NotSpot, what-cha doo-in?” and whatever calculation his little puppy brain was working on to determine risk vs. reward relative to the presence of humans just exploded out of his little puppy brain and with a brave wiggle and a high-pitched little whine that can only be translated as FOODLADYWHOGAVEMECHEESEEARLIER!!!!! ran straight to me and when I sat on the ground he climbed into my lap and proceeded to levitate with joy and puppy stupidity.
So, NotSpot is now a fan of food-lady. Herbert is super distracted. Gertrude-cat wanted attention and attempted to lay on the hammock and flipped herself off 4 times, and that will never not be funny. All seems normal here. Night y’all