FoodLady Chronicles – Take a bow edition

Dear Life (the dog, not the concept), I carefully brushed you from head to toe, gave you a nice rub down and as a finale cleaned your ears. I didn’t even use liquid ear cleaner! Just removed gunk (blegh). Now every time you see me you look up at me as if I had beaten you with a shovel and then to ensure I know what transgression I am supposed to feel guilty about you shake your head. I would think perhaps your ear(s) were irritated but i just watched you outside for 20 minutes and there was nary a head shake…..the moment you spotted me I get the *ABUSER!!! expression ~head shake~*. I’m tempted to get out the liquid ear cleaner and watch you stealthily disappear by placing your head under a table. ~sigh~
Life, you are quite the dramatic actress; take a bow!
Love, FoodLady