FoodLady Chronicles – Ow! Edition

Dear Violence Incarnate (aka Gertrude kitty), I OW! am very sorry that SONOFA! earlier this morning while you were inside OW! of the cat food bag the other OW! 2 cats jumped on DAMMIT! top of you and the resulting melee left most of COME ON! the cat food on the floor which Doodle (Teak-dog) snarfled OW! up with gleeful abandon while you exploded out STOP IT! of the bag like an alien THAT HURTS! out of a human belly causing the other cats to slink away OW! rather scared and FRAK! muttering something about protecting the food while I OW!! laughed so hard I had to sit OW! down. I’m OW! sorry. BUT HOLY SHIT YOU DONT HAVE TO TRY TO KILL MY ARM TO KEEP ME FROM TELLING THE WORLD YA KNOW!!! regards, shredded FoodLady