FoodLady Chronicles – Happy Thanksgiving Edition:

I, FoodLady, am thankful for so much it would be impossible to list everything. But I will say I am incredibly thankful for being able to make people laugh. Along those lines I would like to tell you something that happened last night of which I am NOT thankful; I just spent a good 20 minutes online making sure that I wasn’t completely misreading the situatuon because as I am sure you know–cat behavior is VERY different from dog behavior.
Sadly, I was correct.
YouCat spent a large amount of time in the middle of the night attempting to rape my arm. He *is* neutered and apparently this has happened to other people too. I feel I need a support group.
My night: fall asleep with evil black kitty on her pillow. All is well (just don’t touch her!). Middle of the night comes minor cat fight as white cat wants to be on bed. White cat wins; black kitty leaves. I start drifting off when all of a sudden cat teeth BITE into my wrist and YouCat is gripping my arm. DA FUQ?!? And YouCat learns to fly. I drift off again…. And it happened AGAIN and he flew AGAIN!
Looking back, I should have thrown him out of the room and closed the door but I had just been woken up out of a sound sleep and wasn’t thinking clearly.
All I know is that I woke up with my arms tucked underneath my body (completely numb) and there are not enough showers in the world.
Anyone want a lovely scarred murdering rapist of a white cat with blue eyes? Anyone? Hello?
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!