FoodLady Chronicles – Valentine’s Day:

FoodLady Chronicles – Valentine’s Day: So…happy VD everyone! This morning I noticed our beloved Teak (aka Doodle) was attempting to ingest himself from his butt forward. This incredibly stubborn dog had begun ripping his hair out while digging at his butt and was looking decidedly moth-eaten and ragged. *sigh* Time to go to the vet…what’s that Life? If Herbert AND Doodle are in the car you will stand in front of the car looking abused and abandoned?! The hell you say!! Okay then, *rearranges dogs* now EVERYONE’s going to the vet! On the way into the vet’s office Teak was kind enough to take a massive dump right before we got inside (Thank you SO much Doodle!). The vet came in to the exam room and wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. I replied in kind, gave him the bag of poop, and then asked him to stick his fingers in my dog’s butt (impacted anal glands). Worst. Valentine’s. Present. Ever.
Love always, -FoodLady.