FoodLady Chronicles – what’s that smell this time edition:

FoodLady Chronicles – what’s that smell this time edition: so I’m in my bedroom sanding wood (No, that’s not a euphemism; I’m building a headboard for my bed) and I smell…..something. It’s not a good smell, but it’s also not one of the standard bad smells I’m used to around here (including but not limited to any sort of equine waste, any form of decaying prey, and on one memorable occasion a disturbing aroma given off by pieces-parts of a recently murdered chicken). So, given I spent way more money than I could afford (food is for the weak!) at the vet paying for Teak’s (old dog’s) buttular issues and a special kind of wormer and flea & tick meds for all the beasties I assumed someone’s belly was upset and I grabbed the closest canine and dragged my pretty pretty princess Life off for her toilette. The stink did not appear to emanate from her but(t) a’bathing we did go and now she is spiffy clean. So, the old man Teak dog had buttular concerns–had to be him, right? Nope, but he got scrubbed anyway and his old man bones liked the hot water and he fell asleep sorta in my arms and we had a bit of a sentimental moment n stuff….anyway, the only stinker left was Herbert–he had to be the source of that smell!?! I find him playing in the yard so I grab the hose. I had him attacking the spray for a pre-rinse, then suds him up, then more hose-attack until he was rinsed. But during the sudsing….no. darn. smell. So, I turned into the weird(er) FoodLady and tracked down cat 1 (Pratchett), and sniffed him all the while thinking whatthehelliswrongwithmeimsmellingacat and he wasn’t the smell. And in for a penny, in for a pound I grappled with cat 2 (Gertrude) and she also smelled fine (this has happened, I now smell cats. smdh.)
So, I still catch whiffs of whatever the hell that smell that is/was but it is less. Current Theory: I think I just bathed 3 dogs and smelled 2 cats because Teak has some fairly impressive gas.
But we aren’t talking normal flatulence here, we are talking eye-watering, can’t breathe, chemical weapon-type gas.
If I’m asphyxiated in my sleep, please remember me fondly.
Love, FoodLady